Infinite zombie glitch?

A few things to note: -not in wasteland -no screamers in the area at first -no mods whatsoever -on PC

So my friends and I were doing a tier 3 mission at a farm. We arrive, start the mission, and begin clearing zombies. A few radiated military zombies showed up, but it wasn’t a surprise since we had a relatively high game stage.

And then more came. And more. And more.

At a tier 3 mission, there were hordes of radiated military zombies swarming us. There was a point where a group of three spawned directly in front of me as I was running away. After trying to fight them off, screamers began to spawn and we were of course slaughtered.

Naturally, the screamers spawned because of our gunshots, but has anyone else experienced this odd glitch of an endless amount of a single type of zombie? Only the radiated military zombie was spawning, though there were the normal zombies that you’d expect to see at a tier 3 mission as well.

TLDR: Infinite spawning of a certain type of zombie at a tier 3 mission

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