Hey everyone with new, news of 7 days to die coming to Xbox game pass, iam delighted and my friends are to, even better that we only just found out as well, with that said = ❤ I need the best game settings one can play that make the game even better I’ll explain more below

So I’ve played this on and of and gave a lot of time to 7 days to die, and haven’t regretted it a bit, its been a wonderful experience to play this survival build crafting zombie wave building game 😁

But I want to know some tips to make the game even better I know there is a range of options to choose from, so I would like to here all the best game changing options you can make

So some stuff I have done which is not much, is I would make the zombies run at max, because my friends would make trains and run backwards shooting them, it irratated me a little as I wanted everyone to use bases to make and kill them from so I changed the options when they didn’t realise one could, and could never understand why they couldnt outrun them

Ive tryed max health for zombies to but this was to difficult even on the first wave

So iam looking a for best custom options settings that make the game even better to play,

I was thinking this time I would have them run at max in day time and night, something like out of day of the dead

I would love to hear some other people opinions and what you could do,

Also I would like to know about creating random seeds, random maps any ideas and tips

Thank you advance looking forward to read 😁

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