Here’s everything shown in Day of the Devs’ 10th anniversary indie showcase

This year marks the tenth anniversary of Double Fine and iam8bit’s Day of the Devs indie showcase, and organisers are celebrating that milestone this Saturday, 5th November, with a big in-person event. Ahead of that, though, we got a taste of some of the titles that’ll be in attendance courtesy of a brand-new Day of the Devs livestream. You’ll find everything that got an airing – some of it new, some of it not – detailed below, but if anything takes your fancy, it’s worth checking out the livestream, which contains plenty of new footage from each game.

Mina the Hollower

Mina the Hollower is Shovel Knight developer Yacht Club Games’ latest retro-inspired project, a challenging action-adventure RPG inspired by the Game Boy Colour. Landing somewhere between Link’s Awakening and Bloodborne, it’s “a bone chilling new adventure” starring a whip-wielding inventor mouse whose attacks are intentionally slow – meaning spacing and timing is crucial during combat. Mina also has a signature burrowing technique preventing her from being damaged when underground, and an upgrade system that requires collecting bones from defeated enemies to level up different skills. There’s no release date for Mina the Hollower yet, but it’s currently “deep in development”.

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