Here’s a first trailer for Frogwares’ Sherlock Holmes and Lovecraft remake The Awakened

Following last week’s announcement that Frogwares – the developer behind the likes of Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One and The Sinking City – is remaking its 2007 Sherlock/Lovecraft crossover The Awakened, the studio has released a first cinematic trailer for the project, which is seeking Kickstarter funding right now.

The Awakened, if you’re unfamiliar, was the third instalment in a series of Frogwares-developed Sherlock Holmes investigatory adventures that has so far spanned nine games, pitting the Baker Street detective against Cthulhu cults and eldritch abominations across Victorian London, Switzerland, New Orleans, and the Scottish Highlands.

Frogwares’ remake will see the studio reimagining the title for modern audiences, drawing on its learning from the more recent Sherlock games, and retooling its story to be a continuation of the young Sherlock arc, which started in last year’s Chapter One. And if you’re curious to know how that might look, the developer has you covered with a new cinematic trailer in which Sherlock and Watson traverse the New Orleans bayous into a strange realm that, pleasingly, looks to share more than a few aesthetic beats with Frogwares’ Lovecraftian The Sinking City.

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