Hands On: MADiSON Is A Familiar Yet Effective Horror Tale

Picture perfect or underdeveloped?

After the monumental impact of games like Amnesia, Outlast, and Hideo Kojima’s doomed Silent Hills teaser P.T, horror fans have witnessed somewhat of a resurgence of the genre after franchises like Resident Evil and Dead Space started leaning toward more over-the-top action. While some fans have since taken umbrage with the focus on vulnerability and the distinct lack of any weaponry in many modern horror titles, there’s no denying their effectiveness at making you break out in a cold sweat and reach for a clean pair of underwear.

MADiSON is a game that very much leans into that sense of vulnerability and helplessness. You play as Luca, a seemingly normal protagonist who awakens with his hands covered in blood. With little context provided at the start of the game, it’s your job to navigate a series of dark and dreary rooms in order to get to the root of your predicament. The house itself is very reminiscent of games like P.T and Layers of Fear, with odd statues and busts hiding in shadowy corners, CRT monitors flickering in the dark, and lamps that never quite seem powerful enough to light your way adequately.

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