Guide: Best Star Fox Games Of All Time

Every Star Fox game, ranked by you.

Like any long-running group, the Star Fox team has been through some ups and downs over the years, with some incredible gaming highs serving to make any titles less that life-changingly awesome feel, well, a bit disappointing by comparison.

The sentiment that the Star Fox franchise never got better than its first sequel is relatively common — and understandable — yet the series has played host to some wonderful non-64-bit games. From the tactical nuance of Q-Games’ Star Fox Command, to Rare and Namco’s dalliances on GameCube, and Nintendo’s own experiments during the Wii U era, the series has been a test bed for interesting game design ideas and has produced some fascinating, if flawed, results. They may not be all-round, cohesive classics like Star Fox 64 — which celebrates its 25th anniversary today — but each of them offers something intriguing, often many things. There’s a reason the fandom flame still burns bright for this foxy franchise.

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