Fortnite’s latest season embraces the chrome, adds in Brie Larson and Spider-Gwen

Season 4 of Chapter 3 of Fortnite is here, titled Paradise, and along with it comes Brie Larson, Spider-Gwen, and a whole lot of chrome.

In this latest season, a mysterious substance has appeared on the island, which is very chrome in look and presumably feel. Using a chrome splash has an interesting effect, where throwing it at a wall will let you literally just walk through it, which sounds like a fun way to mix things up.

Chroming yourself, a sentence I never thought I’d write, will let you speed around as a blob while sprinting, and during the limited buff you’ll be immune to fire damage. Being blobbed, as Epic Games puts it, will also make you immune to fall damage, and gives you a little air dash. Dashing into any building piece also chrome-ifys it, which as established, lets you phase through it.

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