Following Xbox Game Pass July games announcement, another game is sneaking out

Now, in July 2022, we’re seeing Microsoft do it again. This time, the game that’s arriving for Xbox and PC players is Garden Story, a very chill game set in a cozy little village that sees you arrive as the newest guardian of the Grove, whose duty it is rebuild the village and uncover the story of its hidden past. It comes to the service on July 12.

The game draws on many genres – you’ll find little nods towards farming sims, dungeon crawlers, even hardcore action-RPGs in there – but, ultimately, the title stands on its own to be a pretty unique title. You’ll need to explore the Grove throughout the four seasons, each time of year bringing in its own problems and benefits. You’ll complete daily requests to defend, restore, and improve the town, and as you progress you’ll unlock memories that allow the main character, Concord the grape, to harness the power of their predecessors.

Our pals at Rock, Paper, Shotgun have outlined the game’s nature in a review from last year:

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