Following GTA 6 leaks, devs post their own early builds to show visuals aren’t finished first

Following the gigantic GTA 6 leak last weekend, several developers have come forward in solidarity with Rockstar against misinformed claims that graphics are among the first aspects of a game finished during game development. How have they done so? By posting images and footage of their own early builds, and the basic and often-hilariously patched together early assets.

The source of all this, the aforementioned GTA 6 leak, was confirmed to be real. With video of an early version of the highly anticipated open world title out in the wild, anyone and everyone has been able to see the leak if they wish to do so. Some of them, including one (now locked) account which posted “If you knew how game development goes, you’d know that visuals are one of the first things done. The game is 4 years into planning & development. What you see is almost exactly what you will get.”

This, obviously, is wildly wrong. In response to this viral nonsense, several devs from a variety of sizable and independent developers have gone online and shown off unfinished visuals in early builds. Kurt Margenau — the co-lead for Uncharted 4 — retweeted a previously posted clip of the downhill car chase with blockmesh environments. This same video transitions between three distinct stages of completion and comes alongside a statement “there are a million stages in between”, further emphasising the amount of work happens before the visuals are finished.

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