Final Fantasy 16 is fully playable, but voice recording and combat fine-tuning are keeping it from releasing

We’re only about a year out from Final Fantasy 16 releasing – but the full game is actually playable from back to front, right now.

In an interview with PlayStation Blog, Square Enix veteran and Final Fantasy 16 producer Naoki Yoshida reiterated that the game is pretty much done – there’s just some tweaks, fixes and fine-tuning that needs to happen before it can be unleashed upon the world at large.

“Right now, the game is fully playable from start to finish, but we have a lot of voiceover in several languages that still need to be recorded,” he told the blog. “Final Fantasy 16 is a very action-oriented game, so we’re also doing a lot of playtesting to fine-tune the difficulty levels, as well as putting the final touches on the cutscenes, and going through a full-scale debugging process. A year is a short time in game development, so we’re all straining at the bit to get it over the line.”

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