Female only server?

Hi everyone! I was thinking of starting a female-only (CIS and female identifying) server, beginners and seasoned players welcome. Would anyone be interested?

It would be moderate difficulty, because there should be some challenges, and we’d play 2-3 hours every Friday night, from 7-10 CST. I am also open to playing Tuesday night, from 7-10 CST. Majority vote.

When I cannot make a Friday night, some other time in the week would be good. 5-10 people would be ideal, 10 people maximum.

Discord chat and voice would be required. The ability to get along with other people would be required. Over the age of 18 would be required.

PvE server (no pvp), Random map or Navezgane, open to this, Drop everything on death, Moderate amount of Zombs, Super casual environment, LGBT+ friendly. If you’re interested, I can help create the discord, organize, lead the group, but might need some help with setting up the game/port/logging in.

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