Feature: Every Pokémon Starter Evolution Trio, Ranked From Worst To Best

Except for Kanto because come on – they’re obviously the best.

While The Pokémon Company reveals the adorable starters at the beginning of a new Generation’s media cycle to feature them prominently in trailers, merch, events and whatever else the juggernaut of a franchise puts on, the final evolutions of these cute critters remain a carefully guarded secret until someone unceremoniously leaks some blurry photos a week or two before release. It’s these much more powerful forms that you’ll spend most of your time with and that have a larger legacy on the series as a whole.

Look no further than Kanto’s Venusaur, Charizard, and Blastoise as proof. They’ve appeared in many subsequent games and remained competitively viable in official formats ever since. Venusaur terrorises with Chlorophyll and Sleep Powder. Defensively sound, Blastoise can wash away a whole team after a single Shell Smash. And Charizard hits like a flame-engulfed truck under the Sun. On top of all this, all three have awesome, memorable designs that make it hard to pick between them. For these reasons, we’ve decided to omit them from this list – we all know they’re objectively the best starter trio. It doesn’t need repeating. You’ve even told us yourself that Generation I has the best starters of every single type.

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