Feature: An Interview With ZANE_ROCKS_36, The Cool Dude Behind DOOM-Style Shooter ‘Slayers X’

The real Hypnospace Outlaw.

Erm, so… Have you played Hypnospace Outlaw? If so, great; if not, here’s a quick primer:

Hypnospace Outlaw is a simulation game made by Jay Tholen, Corey Cochran, and Xalavier Nelson Jr. in which you play an enforcer of rules on “Hypnospace”, a ’90s-style version of the internet that happens while you sleep. In your role, you come across a teenage boy named ZANE_ROCKS_14, who is constantly breaking the rules about copyright infringement and harassment because he really wants the world to know about his favourite bands, his terrible self-authored comics about himself as a superhero, and his made-up girlfriend. He’s a little toerag.

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