Even though PlayStation is losing PS Plus subs, Sony’s service still outnumbers Xbox Game Pass

Sony’s PlayStation Plus relaunch has been an interesting experiment so far. Some people are massively in favour of the newly updated service, which boasts classic PlayStation games as well as new titles (sometimes). But there’s also a contingent of people that are miffed by the updates – that think it could, definitely, offer better value for money. Especially in the more expensive tiers.

New data shown this week in Sony’s latest earnings presentation reveals that the number of people subscribing to Sony’s PlayStation Plus has fallen from from 47.3 million to 45.4 million this quarter. The fact that this is the third quarterly decline of PS Plus subs in a row would be bad news in and of itself, but when you consider it also comes on the back on the PS Plus relaunch… well, it’s probably left Sony feeling a bit miffed.

But there’s good news buried in this data, weirdly. Sony just had its best quarter ever for subscription revenue. Per a tweet from industry analyst and all-round smart guy, Daniel Ahmad, Sony is making an extra 21% revenue per subscriber in the PS+ segment. To put it plainly? Less people are spending more money on PS Plus. That basically translates as: people are paying for the more expensive tiers.

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