Elden Ring actually had a whole quest tying merchant Kale and his nomadic people to the Three Fingers

One of the less explored, darker parts of Elden Ring‘s lore has to do with the Three Fingers. This entity is opposed to the ruling Two Fingers, and its teachings are considered blasphemous by the Golden Order and its followers.

Alinging with the Three Fingers and embracing the Flame of Frenzy is one of the game’s possible endings, but that choice is not fleshed out as well as some of the other endings. In fact, it’s not a path that’s even easy to find.

Deep below Leyndell lies the Subterranean Shunning Grounds, a place where Omens and other unwanted misshapen creatures are kept, away from the golden expanses of the capital – and it’s there that the Three Fingers can be reached. Those who managed to reach the Three Fingers and pick their side, could also see a strong connection between them and the nomadic merchants of Elden Ring’s world.

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