Dying Light 2’s Bloody Ties DLC is taking us to the circus this week

Techland has given us a big look at the first bit of story DLC for Dying Light 2, Bloody Ties, which launches this week.

Bloody Ties will bring you to The Carnage Hall, “a place of fame, fortune, and power,” where you’ll have to take on a series of trials facing off against new enemies. Of course there will be new weapons, challenges, and locations to explore too. The Carnage Hall is a repurposed opera house, now dedicated as a fighting spot where people face off against one another rather than zombies.

“In its former glory, Carnage Hall was a grand opera building. Then, it was rebuilt and turned into this elite fighting spot with arenas, bloody spectacles, and brutal duels,” concept artist Anna Krzemien said of the new area in a deep dive on the DLC. “Even now, you can see that the remaining pieces of the interior mix sophisticated with the crude.”

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