Disappointed: Just bought the game and cannot join Friends

I have bought 7 days to die and cannot join my friends. I have tried uninstalling the 5 times. I have tried switching to betas and still no solution.

My friends can join each other just fine but it seems to be me with issues.

My internet can’t be the issue: https://www.speedtest.net/result/13042245345

So disappointed I bought the game just to play with my friends and can’t even join them. If I join them it automatically kicks host and it closes out their game. I have tried hosting and if they join me I get booted out. When my friend host my other friend can join. Once I try it kicks the host. I have tried entering the host server first and It kicks them out either way.

Searched the problem and seems to me like no one has solved it and if they did they would not share.

Share your possible solutions I am open to try anything 🙂 Game seems like fun

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