Dicebreaker Recommends: Sobek: 2 Players, a quick and nasty delight

Dicebreaker Recommends is a series of monthly board game, RPG and other tabletop recommendations from our friends at our sibling site, Dicebreaker. This month, we look at a one of the best two-player board games released in recent memory.

There’s nothing quite like a two-player board game to stoke the fires of competition. Two-player board games are great in that they offer the kind of uniquely competitive experience that no other type of tabletop title can provide – and Sobek: 2 Players is a prime example of this.

A recent remake/reimagining of a 2010 card game, Sobek: 2 Players takes the concept of the original – players are merchants attempting to make a tidy profit in an Ancient Egyptian market – and turns it into a more focused version, ditching the two to four-player count for a one-on-one experience.

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