Darkness Falls zombie AI/pathing/physics differences from vanilla?

So I have a horde base design that I’ve been using in all my vanilla games. I tried the Darkness falls mod for the first time this week and naturally wanted to try my true and tested design there. But the zombies act completely differently and my design doesn’t work at all. (basically it’s a ladder that leads zombies up into a tunnel of electric fences)

Would someone be able to explain how zombie AI/pathing/collision is different in DF? Do DF zombies just hate ladders in general or is their AI “too smart” to see that there are electric fences that are gonna zap ’em? If you check the link you’ll see there are blockages at the top. I even tried removing those to make the path up to me as easy as possible, but zombies still refuse to come up the ladder. Just trying to figure out how I can modify this design to work for Darkness Falls.

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