Darkness Falls Trader Rekt Turrets not doing anything

It’s my first time playing Darkness Falls, and after a few *very* ugly nights where I got bent over backwards, I decided to hole up at a traders base, since they have turrets. Of course the nearest is everyones favorite, Trader Rekt.

However, The mk2 turrets surrounding the base wall are doing absolutely nothing. None of them looked like they’re blocked by anything either, which I’ve seen is a common issue. I’m able to interact with the turrets and it seems like they don’t have any ammo? Otherwise I can’t think of any reason why they’re not hitting any zombies. Luckily it’s more work for them to get in and iron knuckles and a nice crossbow have saved me so far, but I’m worried one is going to wander in when I’m not looking and kill Rekt.

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