Controversial Rhythm Game ‘Massage Freaks’ May Have Been Canned On Switch

It’s also been renamed for its Steam launch.

Massage Freaks, the raunchy rthythm game from publisher qureate, has been quietly released on Steam. Not only that, but it’s also received a complete name change and is now called ‘beat refle‘, which sounds like a bit of a play on the term ‘Reflexology’. It’s certainly a more “neutral” title, that’s for sure.

The release follows a storm of controversy following the initial reveal of Massage Freaks. Its depiction of women and the scenarios in which they find themselves caused many to draw comparisons to real-life sex crimes in Japan. In addition, the forenames of the in-game characters were identical to some of the members of Japanese idol group ‘Hinatazaka46‘ before qureate swifly made moves to alter them. Indeed, the Steam page for beat refle contains a few choice statements to potentially avoid any future controversy:

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