Classic WoW queues are still a massive problem, and unless people jump ship, they will only get worse

It’s been some time since the launch of World of Warcraft Classic’s Wrath of the Lich King pre-patch, an update which saw many of the popular servers, including fresh servers meant to give new and old players a totally green experience, suffering from some serious queue times that made actually jumping in and playing the game incredibly difficult. Now, Blizzard has put out a statement, but the consequences of their actions (or inaction) are starting to be felt.

This statement, released on the Blizzard forums around the time when queues were really horrendous, covers the issue and provides some context for the problem. In terms of solutions, Blizzard halted character creation and transferring to badly-affected mega servers, and locked them down “indefinitely”. This essentially stopped an increased influx of players making the queues worse, which when combined with free transfers off realms has appeared to curb the problem somewhat.

However, even now, certain mega servers still retain large queues, especially once school and work hours come to a close and players return home for some dungeon grinding, or farming honor in continuous Alterac Valley runs. In the aforementioned post, it’s stated that “we need more folks to move”, but that’s unlikely to happen with certain crowds of Classic WoW players — especially on fresh servers.

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