Classic WoW players — beware of the Brewfest scammers!

While everyone knows that Classic World of Warcraft is undergoing a heap of hype surrounding the Wrath of the Lich King expansion, for good reason too, there are plenty of reasons to get excited, Brewfest is a great opportunity for loot and laughs right now. It is, however, also an opportunity for cheeky people to try and scam some extra loot from under the noses of their fellow adventurer. Such are the joys of Classic WoW.

But first, what is Brewfest. For those not in the know, Brewfest is a one-per-year limited time event where players can buy some drinks, get smashes, and get some exclusive rewards. It’s unsubtly based on the German holiday Octoberfest, and features a variety of events and tasks for players to complete if they so wish.

It also has a special boss fight — Corren Direbrew — in the Blackrock Depths, which in turn can provide some truly illustrious loot. These could be powerful trinkets, special toys that allow quick transfer to the dungeon, and even two very rare mounts with roughly a 1% drop-rate from Corren. Since right now players are gearing up characters for the next expansion, an even greater number of players than usual are jumping in for a chance at some handy shinies in this already bustling activity.

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