Chrono Cross Unreal Engine 5 fan project is gorgeous

Another week, and another impressive looking Unreal Engine 5 project has appeared for us to goggle and gawk at. This time, Arni village from adored JRPG Chrono Cross has gotten a top-to-bottom makeover in the new engine, courtesy of the youtuber Studio logic.

In a video uploaded to their channel, embedded below for everyone who wants to take a look at this eye watering project themselves, the creator shows off two distinct and gorgeous shots of the village. The first, of the village centre with multiple ocean-side huts adorned with colourful cloth. The second is the dock, which looks out over the ocean with distant islands off in the distance.

This small showing of Arni village stands in complete contrast to some of the demos we’ve seen already, super vibrant and reminiscent of the original game as opposed to the super realistic visuals found in the Matrix demo we received not too long ago. Pair this with the brilliant Mirror’s Edge project we saw last week, and we’re totally sold for more of these beautiful touch ups on video game classics.

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