Check Out The New Trailer For Zelda-Meets-Animal Crossing Game, Lonesome Village

For fans of Moonlighter and Littlewood.

After a strange calamity wipes out Lonesome Village, the townspeople enlist the help of Wes, the coyote, to help them rebuild. You’ll have to rescue each townsperson from the perilous dungeons, escort them home, and then help them restore civilisation by fishing, gardening, decorating, and exploring — imagine Breath of the Wild, but Link actually gives a toss about Hyrule. Also, he’s a coyote.

Combining dungeon crawling, puzzle solving, and social simulation, Lonesome Village is a fantasy adventure with no combat — unless you count fishing. We’ve covered the game before when it was announced back in September of 2021, and it’s even on our list of 33 Indie Games We’re Excited About On Switch In 2022, so you know we’re excited about it!

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