Chained Echoes Lets You Pilot Mechs In A World Of Dragons, And It’s Coming To Switch This Year

A chain to the past.

The gorgeous pixel 16-bit RPG Chained Echoes finally has a release window! Developed by Matthias Linda and published by Deck13, who was responsible for bringing us the fantastic action RPG CrossCode, the game more than doubled its Kickstarter goal back in 2019, and one of the stretch goals included bringing the game to Switch!

We’re finally going to see the fruits of this Kickstarter’s success towards the end of the year, as Chained Echoes is projected to launch sometime in Q4 2022. The turn-based RPG already sported a gorgeous SNES-style visual flair back when it was announced, but it’s really come into its own with a crisp, colourful world that blends a fantasy dragon landscape with Mechs! Not only can you travel the world in your robotic companions, but you can also engage in combat with them, just like in PS1 classic Xenogears, or the more recent Xenoblade Chronicles X.

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