Casio G-Shock Launch A Limited Edition Super Mario Watch, And It’s Gorgeous

It’s-a me, Casio!

We love a good retro themed watch here at Nintendo Life and it looks like Casio G-Shock has come out with one of the most beautiful designs we’ve ever seen.

Shipping to customers from November 11th, 2022, the G-Shock X Super Mario Brothers DW-5600SMB-4 is based on the seminal platformer Super Mario Bros. for the NES, originally launched back in 1985. Its display features the typical Casio features, including a digital clock, date function, alarms, and other lovely bits and bobs, but the bezel itself displays an adorable pixel art green shell along with the ‘Super Mario Bros. Casio’ title at the top. As is the case with most Casio watches, this version will feature a backlight, but instead of the usual boring plain light, you’ll be treated to a lovely little image of Mario along with the ‘1Up’ logo.

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