can’t play DF with controller

So I play 7d2d through steam normally and I always play using my Xbox controller without any problems. I used to play mods through the mod launcher without problem as well, but ever since alpha 20 released I haven’t been able to. I can only play vanilla with controller. I tried playing DF by installing manually at first but it wouldn’t let me use controller so I decided to wait until it came back to the mod launcher. I checked yesterday and it was there (probably been there for a little while, but I’ve been on a sims 4 kick lately as I go back and forth between the 2 games) so I downloaded and tried to play. It still wouldn’t let my controller work and none of the other mods off of the launcher will either. So I tried by installing it manually again and same problem. Took them off and went back to vanilla and it works again. I absolutely love Darkness Falls and until alpha 20 I played it almost exclusively for about a year and am looking forward to going back to it with the new updates. Has anyone else had this problem before and know what to do? I have checked all my settings and they seem to be in order, but I definitely could have missed something. I absolutely cannot play with keyboard.

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