British Gas Advises Consumers To Turn Off Games Consoles To Save Money

“Vampire devices” strike again.

British Gas has ruffled a few feathers today. In a report published by the BBC, the UK’s biggest energy company has recommended that households should switch off what the company has dubbed “vampire devices”. That’s not a switched-on TV showing one of the many Dracula films on repeat, or even your Switch running the Castlevania Advance Collection 24-hours a day, but rather a device that still consumes power even then they are on standby.

The company has stated that turning off these devices instead of putting them into standby mode could save the average UK household around £147 a year. According to British Gas’ research, leaving a games console on standby costs up to £12.17 a year, while leaving a computer or laptop plugged in on the same setting will set you back around £11.22.

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