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Xbox Series X/S leads in dollar sales during March, Elden Ring once again tops software

The NPD has released its March 2022 report covering video game hardware, software, and accessory sales in the US.

According to the NPD, total videogame industry spending declined 15% year-over-year to $4.9 billion. Declines were seen across hardware, software, mobile, and accessories, with first-quarter 2022 spending down 8% to $13.9 billion compared to the same period in 2021.

In hardware, sales declined by 24% year-over-year to $515 million. Sales reached $1.2 billion during Q1 2022, which is a 15% decline compared to Q1 2021.

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Elden Ring 2 Wish List: What do we want to see from the next Elden Ring game?

Elden Ring is an experience, that’s for sure.

In our last video, we sat down to discuss various low-scoring user reviews of Elden Ring, to see why anyone could possibly have a disdain for The Lands Between. Now, we’re all back discussing what improvements we’d like to see.

While we’re all big fans of Elden Ring, we’ve had plenty of time to reflect on how the game could be better. We still don’t necessarily agree with those one-star reviews, but we do know that there are plenty of quality of life improvements to be made.

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Apex Legends Trailer Reveals Next Defensive Legend, Newcastle

With Apex Legends Season 12 coming to a close, fans have been eagerly waiting for news about the next chapter in Respawn’s battle royale and what it has to offer. A cinematic trailer dropped yesterday, revealing the game’s next defensive legend, Newcastle, while showcasing Titanfall Spectres and feral wildlife along Storm Point’s tropical beaches. You can watch the footage below. 

Apex loremasters might already know that Bangalore has a friendly rivalry and close relationship with her older brother, Jackson. While protecting Bangalore during the Battle of Gridiron, Jackson is presumed KIA. We join Bangalore after some time has passed; she’s announced her retirement from the Apex Games. At the same time, a masked defender named Newcastle is slated to be her replacement. Of course, explosive hijinks ensue while the two squad up for Bangalore’s final battle royale match. Bullets whiz past faces, grenades leave craters in the sand, and Titanfall Spectres ambush our favorite legends while they slay a massive beast. Bangalore is surprised to learn the truth behind Newcastle’s mysterious identity by the end of it all.

Season 13 “Saviors” might shift up the meta with the inclusion of Newcastle. While the terminology for the character’s abilities isn’t clear, it’s safe to assume that he’ll keep his teammates safe with well-timed fortifications. According to speculation, he might even be able to drag downed allies out of the fight while reviving them. If this holds, then we’re in for significant changes in the casual and competitive levels of play. 

Are you excited about Season 13? What rank are you currently in for Season 12? Let us know in the comments down below!

Vampire the Masquerade Bloodhunt Preview: An exciting attempt to feed off the battle royale greats

It’s been some time since we’ve been able to explore the dark alleys and treacherous halls of Vampire the Masquerade’s secretive society, but that’s soon to change, as Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodhunt is dropping tomorrow. A battle royale set in the world of nightcrawlers and various powerful vampire clans, this title seemingly aims to summon the IP from its coffin, in a shiny contemporary package.

But how good is it, really? Well, I headed to Sharkmob’s studios to try out the game ahead of its official release to figure out just how this upcoming battle royale fairs against the big hitters around at the moment. This is just a preview ahead of our full review, which will be coming in the near future once we’ve gotten to grips with the game post-launch.

To start, I wasn’t initially sold on verticality being a major selling point for the game. It’s been widely spread as a unique aspect of the game that separates it from other battle royales right now, but it’s hardly the first to do so.

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Feature: ‘AI: The Somnium Files – nirvanA Initiative’ Director Talks New Gameplay Features

We delve into the Somnium of Akira Okada.

As we approach the summer release of AI: The Somnium Files – nirvanA Initiative, we’ve been introduced to a new protagonist, new gameplay elements, and a brand new mystery. The blend of character interaction and unusual detective elements from the predecessor look like they’ll be amped up to eleven in the follow-up, which sees Kaname Date’s (the protagonist of the first AI: The Somnium Files) adoptive daughter Mizuki share the spotlight with newcomer Ryuki.

Game director Akira Okada

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Beautiful gardening sim The Garden Path is like Animal Crossing without the hussle

The first and most frequent question the Garden Path makes me ask is ‘what now’. Left without direction, I’m usually quick to get lost. But lack of direction is this game’s whole point. All that’s explicitly explained after creating your own gardener is where to find your inventory and how you equip tools. Then you find yourself in the garden. The garden isn’t a small tidy pitch of land secured with a picket fence – in the Garden Path, the garden is more like a forest. It’s a large piece of land, a forest full of trees, bushes and rivers. That takes a bit of getting used to because, not to get too spiritual, if everything is the garden, what does gardening really mean?

The Garden Path wants you to roam. It doesn’t tell you what to do. I find a broken tool – looking at it in my inventory reveals there must be a person who can fix it, so I decide just to get going. I already carry an axe with me, so I fell a few trees, as you do. Some trees shed twigs, or even seeds, which I automatically pocket. This is the first of several similarities with Animal Crossing, which served as an inspiration for The Garden Path, along with Ghibli films and the Moomin books. I just take note of my spoils, with no real idea of what they might be useful for.

For a while, I simply enjoy the sound of leaves crunching under my character’s feet, the bird song and the instances of soft music tinkling like windchimes. Eventually, I meet Larto. Larto is a giant ox wearing a beanie and a…blanket? A kaftan? I love Larto and would die for him if he asked me to, simply based on his design, but what he actually wants me to do is fish. The fishing mechanic in The Garden Path is different from anything I’ve seen before – here, fish are attracted to your rod by you whistling a tune. You move a note icon along a set of rectangles until a fish appears, then you have to further wiggle the icon along a circle and reel your fishing rod in at the right time – it’s likely the most difficult fishing mechanic I’ve seen, and I know my videogame fishing. Eventually I meet Augustus, the park ranger. Of course he’s a bear. He doesn’t warn me of forest fires however, he gifts me a set of shears with which to snip a myriad of plants. The garden is full of them – encountering them often enough will teach you their names and properties, so that soon I will be able to point at a flower in real life, laugh and say to no one in particular how I’ve seen that in a videogame. Who doesn’t love that?

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