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Game Scoop! 676: The Best Games Coming to All-New PlayStation Plus

Welcome back to IGN Game Scoop!, the ONLY video game podcast! This week your Omega Cops — Daemon Hatfield, Tina Amini, Sam Claiborn, and Justin Davis — are discussing the best games coming to All-New PlayStation Plus, their favorite PS4 games, video pinball games, Nintendo's Play Choice 10 cabinets, and more. And, of course, they …

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Sony has released its first PS5 bundle, and it comes with Horizon Forbidden West

Sony has released its first PlayStation 5 Bundle, and it comes with a copy of Horizon Forbidden West.

Currently only available in the UK (thanks, IGN), you can pick the bundle up at various retailers such as Argos, ShopTo, and Smyths.

It appears all of the stores linked above are sold out of the bundle, but keep checking back. Once available again, it will run you £499.99.

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Anti-grav racing sequel Redout 2 has been delayed into June

If you were roaring at the starting line ready to race into Redout 2 later this month, you might want to cool your engines (sorry, I’ll stop this now); developer 34BigThings has announced a short delay for its stylish anti-grav racing sequel, with the game now set to release on 16th June.

Redout 2, which was originally expected to launch on 26th May, builds on the superb racing action of its 2016 predecessor with a whole new set of tracks (36 in total, plus mirror variants of each) alongside expanded customisation options – with players now able to start with one of 12 distinct chassis and strap on the likes of new rocket engines, propulsors, stabilsers, rudders, magnets, intercoolers, flaps, wings, and spoilers.

There’s also online multiplayer racing for up to 12 challengers, plus a single-player career campaign, promising “hundreds” of events from a variety of different modes, including Arena Races, Time Attacks, Last Man Standing, and Boss Races.

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Tchia Delayed To Early 2023

The delay train keeps on rolling. In a week that saw Kerbal Space Program 2 and Test Drive Unlimited: Solar Crown get pushed to 2023, one of the year’s promising indie titles won’t be arriving in 2022 either.

Tchia was first announced at the 2020 Game Awards and unfolds on a beautiful island inspired by New Caledonia. Players control a young girl with the magical ability to inhabit the bodies of animals as well as inanimate objects, such as coconuts. Exploration involves sailing to different tropical islands in an open ocean as well as climbing through forests and soaring across the landscape on a glider. The game last appeared at the 2021 Game Awards where it got a 2022 release window. 

Developer Awaceb posted an update on Twitter explaining that it needs to delay the game to tinker on it further, saying in part “this extra time will allow us to really polish every aspect of the game and flesh out all the little details that we know will make Tchia a really special experience.” 

Tchia is slated to launch on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and PC. You can catch up on every big game delayed to next year here

Redout 2 Slows Down And Delays Release, Now Coming In June

“Needs just a little more development time”.

Redout 2 is certainly a title on the radar for enthusiasts of futuristic racers like WipEout and F-Zero; for this sequel Saber Interactive is publishing and working with developer 34BigThings.

The new entry will aim to provide a step-up from its predecessor with features like an ‘extensive career mode’, along with competitive online play; the latter will be limited to six players on Switch, as opposed to 12 on other platforms.

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