How to build farm plots (xbox1)

I can’t figure out how to build farm plots, they’re not in my crafting menu. New to game so any help with this is appreciated. submitted by /u/Behajebe [link] [comments]

OMG! Lots of mega-cities, gun stores, lots of Graces!

Install the Improved RDW mod: World seed- Fun House 2022 World Size – 10240 Towns – Many Wilderness POIs – None Rivers – Few Craters – None Lakes – Few Plains – 8 Hills – 1 Mountains – 0 Random – 4 submitted by /u/x0diak [link] [comments]

Alpha 26 Feature Freeze Update

Check out the latest news about the project and the current status of the new alpha -feature-freeze-update/ ​ submitted by /u/play0ad [link] [comments]

Little help here

So just got to my first blood moon in this new update, I havent played for a bit so I was surprised when the hordes didnt stop coming until 0400 whereas im used to them “running out”, any way to change back to how im used to on my server? submitted by /u/dsr9024 [link] [comments]