Andor has made me want a low-key, guerrilla warfare Star Wars Rebellion strategy game

If you’re even tangentially into Star Wars, you know the score by now: Andor is hot shit. I mean that in the good way, not in the Bantha poodoo way. After Rise of Skywalker went to great pains to cure me of the disease that is my long-held Star Wars fanaticism, Andor is finally providing me with something exciting enough to reinvigorate my interest in this universe – and so naturally, my thoughts now turn to how what Andor presents could be plied in the world of video games.

Andor is about fighting facism, really. Star Wars has always had this weird problem of being a fun and fanciful space opera for kids while also having one of its key factions plainly inspired by the Nazis – so the villains simultaneously have to be space opera silly, the types who can get battered by teddy bears, but also frightening and willing to set a torture robot on innocents.

That means that Andor sometimes doesn’t exactly fit with all of the rest of Star Wars. I think this is quite often true of the best of the franchise, in fact; when a piece of it decides to run with what it is, and not worry too much about how that reflects on the rest of the series.

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