Am I doing something wrong or is Darkness Falls incredibly difficult?

Day 1 my SO and I spawned about 5KM away from each other, so we spent the entire day running to meet up with each.

Day 2 we got killed by a dog that was on fire (regenerating HP too fast) while trying to complete a tier 1 quest in a trailer park.

Day 2 night we had a huge horde that we could not stave off and died to that.

I feel like we are doing something incredibly wrong. I am aiming for their heads with every club hit but it takes like more than my entire stamina bar to kill one zombie. I’m trying to complete the survivalist class but I need a full set of leather which I can’t make until I find sewing kits.

Oh and I’m dying of starvation non-stop. I can’t seem to find potatoes, canned food just kills me, so I’m stuck eating grilled meat or eggs and bacon, but I can’t really sustain it so I’m often just hungry.

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