Activision says next year’s Call of Duty will be a “full premium” release

Activision has detailed more of its plans for Call of Duty in 2023, saying next year will bring the series’ “next full premium release” – a statement initially appearing to contradict previous reports there’d be no brand-new Call of Duty title in 2023.

According to Activision’s newly revealed third quarter financial results, 2023 will bring “the most robust Call of Duty live operations to date, the next full premium release in the blockbuster annual series, and even more engaging free-to-play experiences across platforms”.

It’s the talk of the “next full premium release” that’s caught people’s attention, particularly in light of claims made by Bloomberg’s Jason Schreier in February that Call of Duty wouldn’t be getting a new mainline series entry in 2023 – marking the first time in just under two decades it had skipped an annual release. Schreier then expanded on those assertions last month, saying Activision would instead be “selling new stuff” for Modern Warfare 2 – “an expansion or something like that” including “campaign stuff”.

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