6 lesser-known characters that should return in Street Fighter 6

It’s a rare event that only happens once in a blue moon – it’s time for another numbered Street Fighter game. Which means that it’s also time for us to theorycraft which characters we all want to see make a return in Street Fighter 6.

I’m thinking about SF6 a lot, really – from where it’ll go with esports to what it needs to get right and beyond. But the character roster does loom rather large.

If Street Fighter 5 set any precedent, it’s that in the modern age the starting character roster won’t be the end, of course. SF6 is likely to be continually updated with DLC and seasonal patches that will inevitably add new characters to the game. It’s likely to have a long tail – SF5 started life with 16 characters, and ended its cycle with over 40. So one can dream big.

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